Book publication

We are included included in “Dream Architecture” a book published by Edition Axel Menges and Rihan

The book features our work among many other offices like UN Studio, Coop Himmelblau, Zaha Hadid and Steven Holl. The book is published in Chinese by Rihan International Culture Publisher in Hong Kong, China Edition Axel Menges (English and German) – Hardcover: 372 pages ISBN 3-936681-45-7 / ISBN 978-3-936681-45-1

From the editor: “As building materials and technologies advance, architects are creating new kinds of urban environments. Among the innovations showcased in this book that are contributing to new architectural forms are parametric modeling enabled by computer-aided technology and environmentally friendly building skins. The dream buildings in this book reflect a changing architectural and cultural environment, and the processes that turn these concepts from vision to reality will open a new chapter in architectural history.”

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