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Inspiration: Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture 

Inspiration: Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture is a comprehensive compilation of work samples and ideas on design and gestalt illustrations and graphic configurations
textures and structures as well as form and spatial development.

The book features more than 800 examples of abstract compositions that relate to architectural design methods and principles. These methodologies find their ground in the work of contemporary architectural design practice while still being highly applicable to other related creative fields.

Inspiration showcases hundreds of examples of models, sketches, drawings, and renderings of abstract architectural design applications. In addition to this substantial body of visual work, the book also documents and details the generative process and production of these design creations.

“A fascinating book which shows how the application of non-figurative, abstract spatial patterns need no longer be seen as a reductive design methodology. Instead, through a complex and richer use than ever before, these devices can be implemented throughout the three-dimensional organization of a project. A great reference book with many wonderful examples for architects, students, and anybody interested in the profession.“ – Ben van Berkel