MCKNHM is an award winning architecture and design firm based in San Francisco and Düsseldorf Germany. For more than fifteen years, Mark Mückenheim, the founder of MCKNHM Architects, contributed to building, research and teaching in the field of architectural design. His strong belief that architecture is much more than just a service and that architectural quality is able to deliver a higher value that is capable of elevating how we experience and enjoy our life, is reflected in the way MCKNHM Architects are designing buildings for a wide variety of clients, locations and uses, intelligently and sustainably responding to the specifics of their site, brief and needs of the possible occupants.

MCKNHM works on architectural and urban planning projects that cover a diverse range of schemes, programs and typologies of various scales and locations. The firm’s professional network includes architects, engineers, landscape architects, designers and artists. Selected experts from this group are involved early on in the design and building process. Trough an intense collaboration within this network and in partnership with their clients, MCKNHM Architects strives to realize individual, innovative and yet sustainable and efficient solutions.

MCKNHM Architects render themselves independent of any design boundaries or methods. The guiding force behind their work follows a conceptually driven design approach leading to a comprehensive design strategy. Their design work is therefore a resultant of intense project oriented investigations that is also reflected in the active engagement of teaching, research and the collaboration with different architecture schools and institutions. This integrated design attitude allows for the architecture to develop from the different parameters set by the client, site, location and other specific requirements of any given assignment. The way MCKNHM Architects approach their tasks is, that possible challenges of a project are not seen as obstacles, but rather chances and opportunities to develop exceptional, yet tangible solutions for the world we would like to live in.

MCKNHM Architects has received national and international awards. It has been featured in various international book and journal publications and has also gained reputation through a number of exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

MCKNHM Architects is a full service firm licensed in Germany and the European Union. The firm provides their architectural design services worldwide. International projects are completed together with close partners abroad, licensed local firms and contractors. While doing so, the care MCKNHM Architects apply to the execution of projects, is deeply rooted in the ethics of thorough German engineering and contemporary, high quality design.