AA Summer School

Post-Industrial Landscapes – Architectural Association Visiting School at the AAU Academy of Art University School of Architecture San Francisco 2014

We set out to explore a space bound to the physical, yet embodied within the abstract space of the internet. This space, a room hovering between the heaviness of the ground and the lofty spheres of the skies, manifests itself through a 360 panorama projection mapping – a sphere that links us to the ubiquitous 2.8 billion online users that virtually reside in the Bay Area. 

The installation is a digital cloud reversed to a physical device that explores and re-articulates our relationship with the inhabitation and projection of this space, using projection mapping. We designed a real-time broadcasting station to raise the question of virtual interiority while being physically positioned at the shores of San Francisco.

At the end of the long trail of crossing the American plains, we arrived at the shorelines only to find an infinite sky, a projection ground and an inspirational thin line that became the realm of the raised horizon into the assumed physicality of the internet.

Event details:

Date: Wednesday 23rd of July 2014, 18:00 (11:00GMT)
Physical location: Ocean Beach, between Fulton St and Lincoln Way
Online location: http://ustre.am/1fKdc, live broadcast