Mark Mückenheim,
Frank Zeising
Mark Mückenheim,
Frank Zeising,
Melanie Klähn,
Jasmin Bonn,
RMP Landscape Architects, Gunther Fischer,
HVACR / TGA: Ingenieurgemeinschaft TEN Trümper-Erpenbach-Nordhausen Werner Hegemann

The site for a housing project in Düsseldorf Benrath surrounded by a busy main road, a factory compound and a sports field, is highly charged with a number of sound immissions that render the location almost impossible for the development of a housing scheme. Our concept solves this problematic situation through multiple strategies. First the urban placement and the geometry of the new building volume that runs parallel to the streets, creates a set back from the noisy roads to keep a reasonable distance, while still leaving enough room to allow for a green and quiet courtyard in the center. The second step is a landscape architecture that employs different topography levels and terraces creating a natural buffer zone towards the sources noise immission. A third step is a sound insulating façade that creates a second envelope through a simple glazed wood construction maximizing the living quality by adding a winter garden to each single unit. The loft-like, open-plan living spaces are oriented in a way to allow for direct sunlight at any given daytime. The units range from small social housing units to maisonette town-homes.